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The rules of entry the library

  1. Dress modestly and neatly as well wearing shoes that are allowed by TSM.
  2. Mandatory registration attendance and leave luggage (except stationery and laptop).
  3. Must show letter from the concerned agencies and registration to the officer before entering the library for external visitors (not students or faculty TSM).
  4. Do not eat, drink and sleep in the library.
  5. Prohibited conduct mentoring activities in the library.
  6. Do not engage in activities that may disturb other visitors.

    Sanctions violations of rules no.1 - 6: taken out of the library.
    Borrowing Rules

  7. Restore the library collection accordance predetermined time.

    Sanctions violations of order no.7: pay a late fee of Rp 5,000 (five thousand rupiah) per day.

  8. Do not write off, tearing, damaging and / or eliminate the collections.
  9. Must report to the library staff if collections are borrowed missing.

    Sanctions violations of rules no.8 & 9: replace it with a new collection or replace the money of the price of the collection, and pay a late fee.

  10. Borrowing transactions shall use TSM KTM's own. If KTM lost / damaged, then the borrowing transactions can be done by showing proof of loss from the police and showed an identity card.
  11. Do not steal, take, and / or bringing the collections without going through proper lending procedures.
  12. Do not against librarian who did their duty in enforcing the rules of the library.

    Sanctions violations of the order no.10 - 12: suspension.
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