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TSM library collections are compiled based numbering classes / subjects in accordance with DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification). Placement of the collections is according to the type of collection. The collections at the TSM Library include:

  • Collections in the Library Room
    Collections stored in the Library are just collections in printed form (Printed Collection), include:
    • Textbook Collection
      Collection of text books covers all subjects of science. Textbooks are lend to library members in accordance with procedures which have been arranged borrowing rules called circulating collection.

    • Reserved Collection
      Reserved Collection is a backup text book than can only be read in library. Reserved Collection consists of only one copy of each title, especially for textbooks (mandatory textbook for each subject).
    • Reference Collection
      Reference collection is a collection of references that can only be read in library or photocopied. This collection consists of dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, atlas, company profile, directories, manuals, legislation and others.
    • Periodical collection
      Periodical collection consists of national scientific journals, international scientific journals, magazines and newspapers that can only be read in library or photocopied.
  • B. Collections of Data Center
    Data Center is specially designed to save and access collections in electronic form. The collections in data center include:
    • Multimedia Collection
      The multimedia collection includes a CD / DVD supplement of textbook, a supplement of the magazine, collection of the tax rules, collection of journal articles, theses, TOEFL, Indonesia Bank Statistics, ICMD (Indonesian Capital Market Directory), etc.
    • Digital Collection
      Digital Collections in TSM Library currently can only be accessed via a PC in Data Center. The digital collections include:
    • E-thesis: TSM graduate students’ full-text theses in electronic format (softcopy) that can be viewed by students through the Winisis application.
    • E-journal: full-text scientific journal articles in electronic form (softcopy) that has been on-entry into the database of the Library intranet and can be accessed via a special PC Access Journals Data Center (http: // library / senayan3-stable14 / index .php).
    • E-magazine: magazine articles in electronic form are stored in the local library server and can be accessed by the user via a special Access Journals PC in the Data Center. E-magazine available today is 15th edition in 2013 to the 35th edition in 2015 of Inside Tax Year.
    • E-proceeding: Seminar or national and international conferences festschrift in electronic form (softcopy) are stored in the local library server and can be accessed by the user via a special Access Journals PC in the Data Center.
      ICaMEL - Indonesian Capital Market Library
    • E-Financial Report: a collection of financial statements of companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in electronic form. The company's financial statements can be accessed via JSX application.  JSX application includes financial statement database subscribed by the Library. In addition the company's financial reports can also be accessed through Indonesian Capital Market Electronic Library website with no charge.
    • Online Journal Database: database of international journals subscribed by the Library can be accessed via a special Access Journals PC in Data Center and can also be accessed from outside the campus via Internet (access account info can contact the Library).




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