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Organization Structure

The Students Senate of the Trisakti School of Management (STIE) consists of Daily Executive Council (BPH) and its members.

The Daily Executive Council (BPH) consists of:

  1. 1. General Chairman of Students Senate.
  2. 2. Vice General Chairman.
  3. 3. General Secretary.
  4. 4. General Treasurer.
  5. 5. Chief of Section I (Reasoning and Science).
  6. 6. Chief of Section II (Interests and Talents).
  7. 7. Chief of Section III (Welfare and Religious Affairs).
  8. 8. Chief of Section IV (Research & Development).

Activity Units

Structurally, the activity units are under the coordination of General Chairman of Students Senate. The activity units consist of:

  1. Students Activity Units, namely the activity units under the supervision of Section II of Students Senate in charge of monitoring and/or identifying interests and talents. Below are the activity units in TSM:
    1. Activity Unit of Basket Ball
    2. Activity Unit of Volleyball
    3. Activity Unit of Badminton
    4. Activity Unit of Futsal
    5. Activity Unit of Table Tennis
    6. Activity Unit of Tae Kwon Do
    7. Activity Unit of Choirs (Vocal Group)
    8. Activity Unit of Traditional Dance "Trisamantrada"
    9. Activity Unit of Modern Dance
    10. Activity Unit of English Club "Zig-zag"
    11. Activity Unit of Mandarin Club "Le Yuan"
  2. The Religious Affairs Unit (UKK), namely the activity unit existing under the supervision of Section III of the Students Senate in charge of Welfare and Religious Affairs. Below are the UKKs in TSM:
    1. Islamic Religious Affairs Unit (UKKI)
    2. Christian Religious Affairs Unit (UKKR)
    3. Catholic Religious Affairs Unit (UKKA)
    4. Buddhism Religious Affairs Unit (UKKB)

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