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Students' Council

Students' Affairs Administration

Students' Affairs Administration bureau is a bureau that provides and/or offers services to the students with respect to information relating to students' activities, students' organization, medical services and insurance for the students, and information on scholarship programs as well as other existing services.

  • Development of new students

    The New Students Development program aims to introduce and socialize campus life to new students thus enabling them to become nice and responsible members of civitas academica of the Trisakti School of Management (STIE Trisakti).

    As a new student, I have to follow and or attend the following activities:
    1. Campus Live Orientation Activity to New Students (PK2MB).
    2. Shall get involved in any of the following interests and talent relating activities:
      1. Activity Unit of Basket Ball
      2. Activity Unit of Volleyball
      3. Activity Unit of Badminton
      4. Activity Unit of Futsal
      5. Activity Unit of Table Tennis
      6. Activity Unit of Tae Kwon Do
      7. Activity Unit of Choirs (Vocal Group)
      8. Activity Unit of Traditional Dance "Trisamantrada"
      9. Activity Unit of Modern Dance
      10. Activity Unit of English Club "Zig-zag"
      11. Activity Unit of Mandarin Club "Le Yuan"
    3. The Religious Affairs Unit (UKK) activities are conducted under the supervision of Section III of the Students Senate in charge of Welfare and Religious Affairs. Below are the UKKs in TSM:
      1. Islamic Religious Affairs Unit (UKKI)
      2. Christian Religious Affairs Unit (UKKR)
      3. Catholic Religious Affairs Unit (UKKA)
      4. Buddhism Religious Affairs Unit (UKKB)
      5. Flag Raising Ceremony for the commemoration of national holidays to increase the sense of belonging and/or loving to the motherland, nation and state as well as the almamater (campus).
  • Students' Organization

    The Trisakti School of Management (STIE Trisakti) pays sufficient attention and/or concern to the students extracurricular activities within the scope of the students organization. Accordingly, the Trisakti School of Management (STIE Trisakti) provides supporting facilities for such activities.

    The students organization is a tool/place to enrich creative ability and develop interests and talents in such issues as organization, sports, arts or other skills that cam support professional expertise thus enabling the students to attain the development of academic community with civitas academica of the Trisakti School of Management (STIE Trisakti).
    Pursuant to the Decree of Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 155/U/1998 concerning General Guidelines on Students Organization at Higher Education Institution, a Students Organization of inter-Higher Education Institutions means a tool/place designed to improve the intelligence and personality integrity for the attainment of objectives of Higher Education Institutions.

    Further, the Decree of Minister of Education and culture Number: 155/U/1998 stipulates that the form of Students Organization at Higher Education Institution shall conform to the form or the concerned institution, as such the Students Organization of the Trisakti School of Management (STIE Trisakti) covers the following:
    1. Students Representative Council (BPM).
    2. Students Senate (SEMA).
    3. Religious Activity Unit (UKK).
    4. Students Activity Unit (UKM).


  • Students Managerial Skill Program (LKMM)

    Students Managerial Skill Program is an activity program held by the Trisakti School of Management (STIE) which aims to train and guide the students, particularly those holding a position in the management of the students' organization
  1. To provide a leadership training to the members of students organizations (BPM & Senate) for the purpose of producing and/or creating of the leaders with these characters: nice, honest, fair, qualified, competent and disciplined.
  2. To increase organizational knowledge and to develop students' ability.
  3. To grow and boost motivation of the members of students organizations (BPM & Senate) so that that will participate in a more active and professional manner.
  4. To raise and increase leadership skill and ability among students and to increase strong and solid awareness of nation and state in accordance with the philosophy of Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.


  • Medical Services

    Suppose you are a student of the Trisakti School of Management (STIE) who satisfy the following requirements
    1. Registered as an active student with the Trisakti School of Management (STIE).
    2. Have the Student ID.
    3. Have paid Students and Employees Medical Contribution (DKMK) in every semester.

You are entitled to the medical services provided by Trisakti Medical Center (PMT) for students at the Grogol Campus and St. Elizabeth Hospital Bekasi for students at the Bekasi Campus.

  • Insurance Services for Students

    In cooperation with insurance companies, the Trisakti School of Management (STIE) provides such insurance services as accident insurance and death insurance to the active students. Such active students are registered as the participants of insurance policy (the insured). Participants of the active students are characterized by the presence of collective insurance premiums:

    If I would like to file a claim, I have to fulfill the following requirements:
    1. The claim must be filed in writing to the insured (the concerned students) in no later than 90 days as from the occurrence.
    2. The insured must submit the evidence supporting such claim:
      • For claim due to disability and medication from accident:
        • Accident claim form (issued by the hospital/physician certificate)
        • Receipts during medication process
      • For claim following death:
        • Insurance claim form (issued by the hospital/physician certificate)
        • Death Certificate issued by kelurahan (or authentic Death Certificate)
        • Certificate from cemetery or cremation services (original)
        • Certificate issued by the Police
        • Participant's Insurance Card (original)
    3. If so required, the insurer has the right to choose the doctor/physician who will conduct medical check on the participant while the claim is being processed.


  • Scholarship program

    At present, this program of the Trisakti School of Management consists 5 types of scholarships, namely:
    1. Scholarship for Achievement.
    2. Full Tuition Fee Scholarship, namely a scholarship for potential students of the Trisakti School of Management (STIE) with satisfactory achievement the sources of chic originate from the Trisakti Scholarship Foundation.
    3. Mission Aiming Scholarship.
    4. Scholarship from Kopertis (Coordination for Private Universities).

PNB Scholarship is the scholarship provided and/or offered by PT Platon Niaga Berjangka in cooperation with TSM to the students of accounting and management departments with satisfactory academic achievement.