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Research Center

Research Center and Community Service or the so-called p3M STIE Trisakti is a place where lectures and researcher can incorporate the results of their researches and to perform community service.

P3M always does its bets to create civilization and new life values for the general pubic and civitas academica. By doing so, the principle of technology and/or knowledge transfer can be fulfilled. P3M is a part of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (Three Pillars of Tertiary Education) which has equal position to Education and Teaching. The results of P3M researches must aims to develop knowledge, science and technology, and to improve people welfare and national competitiveness. P3M must facilitate the implementation of researches and services, and to do monitoring and evaluation on the implementation thereof, perform dissemination ad report the activities it conducts and manages.

The community service may take the forms of community service, implementation of knowledge, science and technology in accordance with their expertise and capability, improvement of community capacity and empowerment.

Among the tasks of P3M are to implement, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of research and community service. In doing so, P3M has the following functions:

Research Functions:

  1. To do research on knowledge and science on inter-discipline to support development.
  2. To conduct publications and dissemination of results of researches.
  3. To conduct researches for education and institutional development.
  4. To administer issues with respect to research activities.

Community Service Functions:

  1. To increase relevance of STIE Trisakti Program to the needs of the community.
  2. To assist the community in performing development.
  3. To facilitate the implementation of economics.
  4. To administer issues with respect to community service activities.

In the course of time, P3M STIE Trisakti created Business and Accounting Journal media in 1999. The first issue of the media was published in April 1999. This media is issued on a periodic basis, two times a year. In the bid to disseminate information on scientific working paper to the academicians and practitioners having interests in business function field, in 2009 Media Business was born. It is published twice a year ever since.

To facilitate dissemination of results of scientific working paper, the readers may download this at STIE Trisakti: and

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